You will need this program only in case of replacing the internal flash chip with a bigger one. Replacing the flash chip on the external memory expansion is working with the old operating system V1.004 from Texas Instruments. I spent a lot of time finding the Avigo OS bug. So I decided to sell my OSPatch program.

To register this software send $15 (US$) or 10 Euro (for european users) with your "Clearly Printed" e-mail address to my private address (available on request). Then when I receive your registration I will send you the OSPatch program via E-mail. 

Commercial use of my OSPatch program is not allowed, but you can ask for a special agreement.

After using my OSPatch program the version is changed from 1.004 to 1.005 and the copyright info from 1998 Texas Instruments to 1999 Texas Instruments. I made a few tests with the english and german version of the OS, but the other languages should be working also.

Usage: Download the OS file (including your specific language data) from Texas Instruments and copy this file to new.pgm. After that run my patch program with the following command: ospatch new.pgm. Then you can download new.pgm into your Avigo.   

Revision history of OSPatch

Version New features and changes
1.1 add support for all OS 1.004
1.0 first release, only for german OS 1.004

Note: You will make any change (Avigo hardware and software) at your own risk. I'm not able and willing to modify your Avigo hardware !

  last updated: 27. Sep 06